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Frequently Asked Questions

Who ARE these characters? What are they from?
The members of The Cobra Unit are from the Metal Gear Solid series, appearing in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, for the Playstation 2 system (virtually the same game, but Subsistence comes with special features ^.^). However, "The Cobra Days" focuses on the PAST of the Cobra Unit, back during World War 2 when the unit was established. These characters didn't get a whole lot of depth in the game, so...yeah, I felt like giving them backstories. XD
Do I need to play the Metal Gear Solid games in order to understand this comic?
Nah, not really. There are plenty of readers who've never touched the games. It certainly helps when it comes to certain details (The Philosophers, for example), but no, it's not necessary. I plan to explain as much as possible when needed.
You should publish this! I'd soooo buy it!
That'd be fun and all, but I'm not affiliated with Konami or Kojima Productions, so I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS. *cries* Selling anything portraying/using them under my name would be copyright infringement. ...Still, lots of elements of TCD are my intellectual property (designs, bits of personalities, etc.), so in the name of all things ethical, please give credit where it's due. ^_^;;
How do you make your comics?
All of TCD is created digitally, and all of it is done in Photoshop Elements 2.0. I use a Wacom tablet for lineart and colouring, all on different layers...soooo many layers. x_x
Hey, I speak [insert language other than English here] and I noticed you made some mistakes in [such and such strip]. Mind if I give you some tips?
Actually, yes, I DO mind. Only if it's a totally GLARING mistake will I accept advice, but if it's a minor matter, I frankly don't care. Sorry to be so blunt, but flawless grammar and spelling and usage of foreign languages is NOT my top priority when writing the TCD script. I like gists. Everyone should like gists. O_O
Can I post TCD/a TCD strip on another site? I'll give you credit and everything.
Er, first of all, no. Second of all, I only have one exception: if you want to TRANSLATE TCD into a language other than English and spread the Cobra love to a foreign community, that's awesome-in-a-box. But please email and ask before doing so, of course.
You know, most of "The Cobra Days" seems to be all of the characters hanging around doing...well, not much of anything. Don't they ever go into battle or on missions or anything?
My main focus in TCD is on the characters themselves, it's true...but have faith and patience! I have loads of story arcs planned out, and many of them DO involve missions. It's just with college and all, I'm busy and TCD moves pretty slowly...but truth be told, I've barely gotten started. We have a long way to go. >D (evil, knowing face)


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